Sunday, March 24, 2013

Playlist, Injuries and Pets + Currently

I have gotten a little behind on my lists because of my weekend in Topeka (which I will blog about later), but I have 3 for you today, plus Currently.

So, List 22 is My Roadtrip Playlist. I took most of these from my roadtrip last summer and then added what I would also listen to now.

1. Abba
2. Richard Marx
3. Randy Travis
4. John Denver
5. Simon and Garfunkel
6. Neil Diamond
7. Jewel
8. Savage Garden
9. Hapa
9. Rick Springfield
10. Phantom of the Opera
11. Rick Astly
12. Brooke Ramel
13. Elvis

List 23 is Past Injuries. I haven't had too many

1. Appendicitus (does that count?)
2. Fell off skateboard and slammed foot on ground
3. Fell down a step at my cousin's at Christmas -- minor sprain
4. Fell off back porch at house on post -- another minor sprain
5. Messed up my knees somehow
6. A few broken hearts and injured pride :)

List 24, Pets Past and Present

1. Fin (fish)
2. Smurphy (fish...Fin ate him)
3. Cuddles the cat (#1)
4. Muffin the cat
5. Cuddles #2 (cat) and
6. Ruffles (cat) -- Muffin's children
7. Albert (hamster)
8. Sigrid (hamster)
9. A fish that played dead (cannot remember his name)
10. Shadow (rat)
11. Lewis and Oswald (fish)
12. Kate (fish) and her 12 children
13. Numerous guppies that then ensued
14. Mama Kitty (cat) and
15. AJ (cat, her son)
16. Scout!!!!!!

And Currently....

Watching: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Reading: The Murder of King Tut and Through the Looking Glass

Listening: Abba, my iPod

Making: Scrapbook pages and albums, lists

Feeling: tired, exhausted

Planning: going back to work, what needs to get done this week

Loving: being home

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