Monday, March 4, 2013

Project Life Week 7 and 8 & List Day 4

Happy Monday! Today is a special day for me because it would have been my mom and dad's 38th wedding anniversary :)

I completed these PL pages a few days ago.

I did a lot of journaling this time and added a couple quotes as fillers.

Here is the preview for March

Can you spot a mistake I made on the February pages????? I just caught it LOL

Todays list is On An Average Day so here is mine.

1. Struggle to get up
2. Shower in the morning
3. Work 8-3:30
4. Sharpen pencils and tie shoes
5. Nurture young minds and spirits
6. Enjoy my job
7. Watch TV
8. Snuggle with my cat
9. Talk with my husband
10. Pray
11. Spend too much time on the computer.
12. Am pretty content

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Kim said...

I wondered if you ran out of P's. :)