Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Project Life Week 9 - 10 and List 11

I completed a couple pages Sunday night. Here they are....

Scout pictures

Kitchen and pantry organization I did

My currently list, to do list picture, lobster dinner and salad

Next page

Nail polish for the week, a smoothie and the book it came out of, Scout and WIAW.

Next pages. I put Spring is Coming on the big insert

Currently list and self portrait of my 80's bangs, stamp club projects, and Scout's cat treats!!

I completed almost a whole other page (week 10)

Preview of week 11

And completed the first page of lists

My list for yesterday's 30 Days of lists

Things I do every morning....

1. Hit Snooze a few times

2. Pee (well, I do!!)

3. Take a shower and get dressed

4. Make a smoothie or something else healthy for breakfast.

5. Let the cat out for awhile

6. Brush my teeth and hair and put on a little makeup

7. Make my lunch or put it together

8.Let the cat back in

9. Leave for work

10. Clock in at work, put lunch in fridge and check email

11. Grab my clipboard, put in classroom, then take the 5th graders for morning lineup

12. after bell rings go to 3rd grade, collect read and responds, make sure kids are getting situated, and wait while they do their sentences.

13. Morning meeting or make copies for the teacher if needed.

14. Spelling, math, snack, writing and reading :)

What is your morning like?

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