Friday, March 29, 2013

Quotes, Choices and Gratitude

30 Days of Lists is winding down (tomorrow is the last day!) and I have a few more to share with you.

List 27 -- Quotes getting me through this month

Um, none. Unless you count the ones I have made up or have been repeating like...

1. Suck it up, Buttercup (I have no idea where to credit this one)

2. Only 2 more months

3. Crap On A Cracker (this I heard on Big Bang Theory and I say it instead of cussing lol)

Then there are my all time favorite quotes such as ...

1. Just because a cat has kittens in the oven it don't make them biscuits!!

2. Why don't you do this year's final the Pechanga!?!!!

List 28 it is This Week I Chose To...

1. Suck it up, buttercup!
2. Brave the icy roads to make it home in time for church
3. Rest and let the housework go
4. Give my knees a break and not exercise for a few days
5. Let someone see my house despite it's messiness.

List 28 is I Am Grateful For.....

1. God
2. My husband
3. My cat
4. My friends
5. My family
6. My coworkers (combo of 4 and 5)
7. My job
8. My house
9. My creativity
10. My healthy choices
11. My new vegetarian lifestyle
13. My neighborhood
14. My town
15. Food in my fridge and pantry
16. My church and our newer building
17. My car
18. My fireplace
19. Running water
20. Electricity
21. Free agency
22. The right to vote
23. Clothes
24. Cable TV
25. Books

One more to go!!

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