Friday, March 15, 2013

Role Models, Saving Money and a Lifestyle Change

I am combining 2 30 Days of Lists posts here, then I will tell you about my life changing decision.

So first, Day 14, Role Models

My Role Models are...

1. My mom. Among the many things she taught me were tolerance, importance of family, how to have a good marriage and to be smart about money (still working on that one).

2. My Aunt Lou. She was an awesome lady who cared deeply for people, was a talented writer, and lived a very full and rich life.

3. The teachers and staff I work with. I learn so much from all of them.

4. Carrie from Carrie On Vegan. I have learned so much from following her blog and from the awesome Vegan Challenge group she created on Facebook.

5. My Grandma. She was also a pretty awesome lady :)

List Day 15. What do you do to save money? This one is tough because I SUCK at saving money lol.

I save money by......

1. Participating in Westar's energy saving program

2. Limiting how much I eat out (a work in progress)

3. Getting only basic cable and downgrading my internet

4. Transitioning to going back to my natural nails

Okay, now for my life changing lifestyle changing decision. I mentioned above that one of my role models was Carrie from Carrie On Vegan. I have been inspired by her to eat healthier and to introduce more vegetarian meals into my diet. 3 weeks ago Carrie decided she was going to participate in an 8 week healthy eating challenge and asked people to join her. She created a facebook page. I joined because March was my month to really start working on eating healthier. My plan was no red meat and limited chicken and fish. Carrie switched over to a Group format and the challenge was called Spring Healthy Vegan Challenge, but you did not have to be a vegan to join. The goal of the group was to support each other and give encouragement, which has happened every single day. Members of the group also provide information on why they became vegan or what documentaries and information is out there to make people aware of where their food was coming from and how it affects them. This inspired me to look into some of it.

Because of some of the stuff I have watched and read about and a lot of soul searching I have decided to make the transition to become a vegan. As of right now I have given up meat, poultry and dairy. For the next 5 weeks of the challenge I am continuing to not eat eggs and am giving up fish. I am hoping to cut those out permanently. Being that they are 2 of my favorite foods, that is going to be hard. But I am committed to keep researching and learning and hopefully not want to eat those things again.

My decision is in large part because of health reasons, but a bit of it has to do with how animals are treated and killed (it is not always humanely). I am also working on not buying any more leather products for this reason.

At another time I may go into more specifics of what led me to this decision, but for now I just wanted to put it out there and give a little bit of explanantion of what led me to make the decision.

Any big changes in your life recently?


That corgi :) said...

good luck with going vegan. I haveto admit this would be hard for me because I like my protein, but I admire those that pursue this route.


Unknown said...

Robyn, you have no idea how touched I am by your comments. First off, how lucky am I to be considered as someone you admire? You are a beautiful, fantastic person and I really appreciate that.

Second, I can't even begin to tell you how happy and excited I am about your decision to become vegan. I KNOW it is a huge decision and not always practical, easy or fulfilling. This type of decision is often more of a journey than a destination and by no means are you expected to be perfect or not have doubts or problems, etc. It can and will be a decision that you will probably question. I mean, it's always easier to to do what others are doing.

That being said, there is a huge, supportive community of people who are vegan or interested in veganism who are there for you and are working to make this cause more prevalent and more accepted in the general public.

If you ever have questions or need a friend, please let me know. Not that I have all the answers, but I'm now 2 1/2 years into this vegan journey and I feel like I've learned a lot.

Robyn, I'm so, so glad you're participating in the FB group because I think the supportive environment is exactly what every new (or veteran) vegan needs and even more so if you're trying to be a healthy vegan.

Big hugs, Robyn!!!!!!!!