Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Talented Day 6 of 30 Days of Lists

To play along see 30 Days of Lists;

Day 6 asks what kinds of talents do we have. You have probably heard mine before, but here they are again!

My Amazing Talents are....

1. Able to identify any Brady Bunch episode withing 30 seconds of the beginning (after the theme music) and 10 seconds of any other part.

2. Expert in extracting too small pencils trapped in electric pencil sharpeners

3. Shoe tying and zippering specialist

4. 80's television show theme songs savant

5. I cook pretty well, too.

What are your talents???


That corgi :) said...

That is indeed a talent with the Brady Bunch show!! I'm sure it has/had to be a favorite of yours at one time :)


FootPrints said...

you have about 5 more talents than i do. unfair.