Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WIAW 3-13-13

I have another What I Ate Wednesday Post for you. WIAW is presented by the fabulous Jenn of Peas and Crayons. And remember, this month we are going green!!

So let's start shall we? This is What I Ate Yesterday

I had a greens smoothie for breakfast

Plus one of Carrie'sSweet Potato Oatmeal Cookies

For snack I had a 4th of this and shared the rest

Lunch was leftover salmon tacos

They were so filling that I did not feel like eating the yogurt. Unfortunately, just before lunch, a killer headache snucvk up on me and I did not take Exedrin in time so a friend let me have some of her Coke to drink. I have not had caffeine in 2 weeks (except in the Exedrin). It worked, though.

Oh, here is my pretty lunchbag

After work I went for my 15 minute walk, but it was only 10 minutes because it was windy and freezing and I RAN FOR 5 MINUTES!!! this was after I got my mail and the 5 minute run

So, for "dinner" I had a salad I had previously made and I added navy beans and feta cheese

BUT, then I found out I had signed up to have the missionaries from our church for dinner and forgot! So while my husband went to pick them up, I whipped up a quick spaghetti dinner and added the salad and some cute napkins

We had Girl Scout Cookies for dessert (I only had 2) and I rounded out the evening with a cup of Dandy Blend herbal coffee substitute

What have you eaten this week?

To play along you can check out Jenn's blog.


Anonymous said...

Sweet potato oatmeal cookies?? YUM.

That corgi :) said...

That smoothly looks delicious!! And the salmon tacos, my gosh!! Good you had supplies on hand for the spaghetti dinner :)