Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Shift

Lately I have noticed a shift in my mood for the better. As you may recall, Last Week was difficult. The weather had me down and I just felt blah. This week, though, has been going much better. I have been feeling very contented and grateful. I am enjoying my house and have been motivated to clean and organize.

Not everything has been "good", though. But I find the silver linings easily. It has been cold, but storming. I love the sound of the rain and lying in bed as it rumbles and grumbles.

Wednesday morning was rough. I got frustrated easily. But I did not let it show or affect how I was doing my job. I stayed calm and kind, yet firm. I asked for a break and talked about it with the people who could offer the feedback I needed (this included my wonderful boss, who has been so supportive and reassuring when I feel inadequate and like I am not doing a good enough job). I also recognized good things that were also happening. Small successes of students, an unexpected compliment from one over a very small thing to me and a much needed hug from the same one (whose perception is amazing). It was quite inspiring. My afternoon went much better, which I owe in part to my attitude, part to karma and a lot to the grace of God. More small successes and I felt confident, kind and nurturing. I experienced a lot of quiet joy in the job I was doing. Which is why I love it so much.

In the evening I watched a Criminal Minds rerun. THE Epic episode. It was just as exciting and emotional as the first time. I loved that it could affect me so deeply once again.

I have also been feeling very optimistic and looking forward to things. I was even optimistic during my frustration lol. I do not know what has caused this shift, but I do hope it lasts.

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