Monday, April 1, 2013

April Goals

My goals for April are...

1. Lose 5+ pounds and get to 170

2. 25 min exercise at least 3 times a week, plus one hike

3. Get up at 6:30am on work days

4. Unpack 3 boxes from garage

5. Dig in backyard for garden

March Goals reviewed

1. NO red meat or pork, very limited chicken and fish. First half I stuck with this, then I went vegetarian

2. NO caffeine and limited soda with sugar I had Coke once to battle a headache and Exedrin with caffeine

3. Start and stick to an exercise routine For the most part I have been sticking with it

4. Clean, organize and decorate spare and craftroom Did not get to the spareroom, but I cleaned and organized craftroom

5. Unpack at least 3 boxes from the garage Six

6. Lose 5 more pounds for a goal of 175. Almost

7. Get up at 6:30am on work days. Not quite. 6:42

8. One sweet a day. mostly


E. Smith said...

I was very proud of myself when the last of our boxes went to the recycling bin! I felt like I deserved a parade! :)

iowajewel said...

you are doing MUCH better than me!