Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Linen Closet Organization

Last week I showed you my Pantry, so I thought that today I would show you my linen closet.

The top is empty currently, but I am thinking of keeping a few boxes up there for sending stuff. The next shelf has our guest towels (note to self -- buy more guest towels)

Beach towels, sunscreen and aloe. (sorry it is blurry)

Hair towels and washcloth (underneath), First aid, and cleaning supplies

Twin sheets (for the couch) and candles/wax bars. I have to stop buying those now.

Misc stuff like curtains, bath mat, organizer containers, iPod player, and paper bags. Scout is checking it out.

What is on your linen closet?

1 comment:

FootPrints said...

a bunch of sheets i can't throw away!! why? i have no idea!