Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pantry A-Z

I reorganized my pantry AGAIN this past weekend and I thought I would share how I have it with you.

First, an overview. Remember, this was a big selling point of this house!!

Now the organization

On top I have my Food Storage -- Emergency items and stuff I do not need right away.

And in the opposite corner I have a basket of fruit filling for baked goods, which I do not use except maybe for holidays

First shelf...

Baking Supplies, Beans (dry in the basket, canned loose)

Bread and crackers, Breakfast foods (the buckwheat groats are outside so I remember I have them lol)

Cereal (I know that technically granola starts with a G, but I use it as cereal), Cheese (for hubby) and Chips (there is also a box of Girl Scout cookies behind there)

Coconut and Cornmeal

2nd shelf...

Drink Mixes (the cacao powder is there because it did not really fit above in order)

Flour (with a bucket of canned fish in the back [for hubby or emergencies])

Canned fruit (mostly for hubby)

Basket of Dried fruit, jelly, juice, Liquid Aminos and Lentils(behind the Braggs)

Jelly, juice, Braggs and lentils, Mac and Cheese and Canned Meat (for hubby)

3rd shelf....

Non-dairy Milk, Nuts and Nut Butters, and Pasta

Potatoes, Quinoa and Rice

Sauce, Salt (I have since switched those lol), Seeds

Last shelf....

Soda (right now just flavors for our Soda Stream), Soup and Sugar

Superfoods, Syrups, a jar of Tahini

Tomatoes and sauce, Vegetables and Vinegars

I did not organize the floor yet, but down there I have cat food, big tupperware and a punch bowl, paper and cloth grocery bags, plastic flatware, some [plastic bags and dustpan and broom.

How do you organize your pantry?

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