Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Cold

Spring has not brought any flowers or green trees yet, and barely any warmer weather, but it did bring me a cold. Blah! Therefore, I have not been feeling like doing anything lately, including blogging. Work takes all of my energy so I just come home and watch TV and read blogs. I have chores to get done, cleaning, Project Life, etc. but I cannot do any of it. What I really need is a day where I can sleep or rest all day. I am hoping Saturday is that day (after we get our taxes done!!). Hopefully it is not tomorrow.

My nurse has not been as attentive as usual. He did stick his face in mine this morning to make sure I was still breathing and pawed me to make sure I was not unconscious. Oh, and he sat above me on the couch earlier for a good amount of time. But last night when I was resting in bed he kept leaving!! TJ even tried bringing him to me TWICE, but after a few minutes he got bored and took off.

So, anyway, this is my pity party post. I feel like crap and I feel sorry for myself :( will pass!!!! :) :) :)


Emily Adams said...

The first paragraph you wrote is *exactly* how I feel. Hope you get your day of rest!

Fuzzy Tales said...

We hope you feel better soon. We also hope for warmer weather soon, too, for you and for us!