Thursday, April 11, 2013

Still Off-Track

I am sorry I have been really lax in my blogging again. It has been a rough week, mentally, for me. Work has been okay, but the weather has really messed with my psyche. This has never happened before and I think it is somewhat due to the cold I had last week. My defenses are still down lol. However, I never did get the cough so that is a plus!!

Anyway, after some gloriously warm days, the weather went back to winter this week and an absence of the sun. I think if it had been one or the other I could have handled it, but the combination as just left me feeling down and tired.

This weekend I am going to stay with a friend and scrapbook 2 days so that should help. It will also give me time to catch up on Project Life so hopefully I will have pictures to show you.

Not everything this week has been bad, though. We had wonderful company for dinner Tuesday night, I finally hit 175 (my goal weight for last month!) AND 2 pairs of pants that have not fit for awhile fit again!!

How is your week going? Is your weather crazy???

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Fuzzy Tales said...

We hope your weekend away--and some warm weather, if it ever arrives--helps to rejuvenate you!

Goodness knows, we're still waiting for spring here, we're currently under a freezing rain warning. Not sure if that's worse than the ice pellets and snow we were supposed to get earlier today, but which missed us.

It feels like February! :-(