Monday, April 29, 2013

Trying Something Different

So, I told you about our Branson vacation at the end of May and all the fun stuff we can do. I started thinking about when we could do these things as well.

Then I had a better idea ---- how about I not PLAN anyhting??!!?

Whoa, what?

Whenever I plan a vacation I like to plan an itinerary of things to do and when to do them.

I decided that for THIS vacation, though, I would not do that. This time we will just wake up each day and decide what we feel like doing :)

I figure we can each choose one thing we absolutley want to do. Mine is the Titanic Museum and TJ's will most likely be the Harley Shops. I definitely want to take the time to cross the Arkansas border so I can add that to my list of states visited :) But we will not decide in advance which day to do those.

The only thing that is set in stone is the time share presentation. And if we choose to do the dinner train it has to be Saturday Night as that is the only time it runs (but we can take just the train tour at other times).

I like this laid back approach already.

In other news, it is 80 degrees at 9pm and tomorrow will be hot, too. On Thursday night it is going to snow. May 2nd. Because who hasn't thought to themselves "hey, you know what a great beginning to May would be?? SNOW!!!"

Instead of waiting until the end of the school year/beginning of summer I went and got my hair done this evening. 3 hours!! I got a cut, color and highlights. Pictures soon.

Scout is pacing the livingroom. He went outside when I got home, but did not stay out long.

I found out that while we do not have an HOA, we do have something called a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. Under this we cannot put up a chain link fence or have a boat or trailer in our driveway. We have to get approval for any approved kind of fence we want and when we want to paint the outside of our house. However, it does not tell me who to submit information for approval to.

My neighbor was very helpful in bringing this to my attention. The guy in the zoning office (whom I have reported my other neighbors to for having a woodcutting business) was very helpful in directing me where to go to get a copy of this declaration, educating me on title insurance vs a tract abstract and confirming what subdivision I live in (there is no sign). The lady in the Registrar of Deeds office was helpful in getting me the copy I needed. She took me into the back room where they have ALL these records and pulled out this big book with handwritten notes to insure I got the updated copy (the one with corrections).

So that is what is going on in my world right now. Oh, and just 4 more weeks of school left!!


Kim said...

So, wait, you have an association then that you have to approve things like a new fence?

Emily Adams said...

We used that approach when we went to Disney one time - it worked out really well! Just make sure you do everything on your list!