Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vintage Style and What's To Come

I found this awesome vintage polyester dress at a Salvation Army store in Topeka. I bought it without trying it on and miraculously it fit!! I wore it to church on Sunday with my Jimmy Choos

My week is going very well. We got a new para at school to help in one of my classes who is a better fit for one of my kids so my load has been a little lighter :)

I have been working on getting the hosue cleaned up. In 2 weeks I am having my windows, tracts and blinds cleaned and then hopefully in June my carpets cleaned. This summer I plan on painting the guest bathroom and the craftroom.

This weekend I am hoping to get my planting done. I have tomatoes in pots already, but eventually they need to go in the ground. I plan to put in strawberries this weekend and pot lemongrass, geraniums and bouganvilla. I also plan to clear the flower bed in front and get some seeds put in. And the rose bushes in the ground.

I am hoping to have another Project Life layout to show you soon, IF Walmart's 1 hour photo center would cooperate!! I also have this really awesome idea for a layout of something I absolutely love. Just haven't been able to get on TJ's computer to print out the necessary pictures and type some quotes up. It's going to be really cool, though. I also need to finish up my One Litte Word Project for April, BUT part of it was to involve pictures of me meeting my exercise goal for this month and that has not been happening :( I had planned to resume May 1st in preparation for a new healthy eating/living challenge I am doing so it will have to be a little late. No worries. Maybe I will get in a long walk or hike this Saturday when the weather is nice. Or on Friday.

I have also been working on putting together a household binder and I will show that eventually, too. Lots of fun things coming up!

Oh! And I got a summer school position for June as a para at MY SCHOOL!!! I am really happy because I was worried about having to go to another school. It is only for half a day, too.

TJ and I are trying to plan a Branson vacation for the week I will have off before that (Memorial Day weekend included). We have a prepaid 2 day stay that we need to use before July and are hoping to add on a couple days. I am also contemplating a weeklong visit (a train trip!) to California for a family reunion.

So, what is coming up for you?

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Fuzzy Tales said...

Great find! I seldom go into our Sally Anne, but I do go occasionally to Value Village. They've become absurdly expensive, though--you can find something new, on sale, for as little (or sometimes less!) than V. V. now charges for a lot of their clothes.

Concats on the summer position, that's terrific!

It's still way too early here for any planting, but not too early for tidying up in the back space. If I get to it. :-)