Friday, April 19, 2013

What's On Your....

I found this on Ali Edwards' blog

VANITY | I don't have a vanity.

PERENNIAL TO DO LIST | Dishes, clean and organize the house

REFRIGERATOR SHELVES | Lots of food!! I widh it was all vegan, but hubby has not joined me in this particular adventure lol

ITINERARY | Church Open House this Saturday, garden shopping, a scrapbbok crop on the 4th, retreat in mid-May

FANTASY ITINERARY | Greece and Italy

PLAYLIST | Neil Diamond, John Denver, Simon and Garfunkel, Abba, Richard Marx

NIGHTSTAND | Book of Mormon and Living Vegan for Dummies, lamp. Kleenex box, picture of TJ, pen

WORKOUT PLAN | 25 min walk around neighborhood plus some running or gym for 50 min, hoping to do a long walk or hike

IPHONE | I do not have one, but if I did it would have Instagram and Vegan Delish and my playlist

TOP 5 LIST | warmer weather coming, flipflops, cleaning house, Project Life and Scout

BUCKET LIST | Greece, Italy, run a quarter, half or full marathon, visit all 50 states.

MIND | weather, work, summer, cleaning and organizing, food

BLOGROLL | creative blogs, vegan blogs

WALLS OF YOUR FAVORITE ROOM IN YOUR HOUSE | bridge picture with lights, painting by me, shotglass shelf, LDS pictures, wedding pictures, fire alrm and peach paint.

SCREENSAVER | scribbles


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iowajewel said...

i love that you have a picture of your hubby beside your bed! i have one of both of us!