Saturday, May 4, 2013

Again, My Heart Was Breaking

Criminal Minds. I swear it is going to be the emotional death of me.


Wednesday night's episode, Alchemy, caught me off guard.

The episode as a whole was quite creepy and weird, which happened to be perfect for the directing talents of Mr. Matthew Gray Gubler. And to be fair, it did give fair warning that the secondary story would be about Reid having difficulty dealing with Maeve's death. So it was a double whammy of Mr Gubler's talent.

I just did not expect it to go like it did.

I expected he would be upset and it would be sad and that would be okay. But, of course, the talented and cruel writers took it a step further.

(this next part contains spoilers if you have not seen)

The plot: Spencer is having trouble sleeping because when he does he dreams he dreams of Maeve.

Problem: In the dream she asks him to dance and he forces himself to wake up because he is afraid to find out how that would feel or something. remember, he never even got to touch her when she was alive.

Rossi's advice: "It's alchemy, Alchemy turns common metals into precious ones. Dreams work the same way. Turning something awful into something better"

The dream: Spencer is in a library and Maeve is there. She asks him to dance and he asks her why and she says "I want to hold you once before I am a ghost of a memory".

Dagger. In. My. Heart. Seriously, that line gives me chills.

And then they dance. If you have ever needed a visual definition of the word BITTERSWEET, that was it.

Why, oh why, Criminal Minds could you have not just let her live????????? Why couldn't Spencer have a girfriend and be happy??? WHY???????????????? She would have made an awesome addition to the cast and there would have been awesome storylines. Not this sad, rip your heart out and stomp on it crap.

Truly, I am impressed with this season and the emotional reaction it is eliciting, but I do not think i can take much more. My heart is just so fragile now........

You can view this emotional manipulation here It starts at 38:23 and you have to watch 3 ads first.

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