Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Get Ready....

I know I have been MIA recently, but I just got back from a 5 day vacation in Branson, MO and have lots of pictures and stories to share!! I also need to update on my Project Life album and the progress I am making on my Disney one.

Future posts to look forward to:

The beautiful Ozarks
Giant Chicken
Duck Tour
Hollywood Wax Museum
Miniature Golf
The Cat's Pajamas
Veteran's Museum
My 39th State-- Arkansas!!
World's biggest Bass Pro Shop

I have Relay For Life this weekend so there will be a post on that, too. I will try to have a post up tomorrow, though, before I go on friday and another scheduled for Friday. getting pictures to my computer has gotten complicated as the USB to my camera got stuck in the couch and we cannot get it out!! So I have to load the pictures from my SD card onto TJ's computer, save them to a thumb drive, then transfer them to my laptop!! (I don't have a place to put the SD card :() I plan to do that tomorrow between unpacking and going for a facial :)

What has everyone been up to this past week or so?


Kim said...

Um, okay, the USB card getting stuck in the couch sounds interesting. How in the heck did you do that??

Robyn :) said...

It wasn't a card it was the cord thing. It slipped between the cushions and some how got caught on a spring. TJ overturned the couch while I was gone, but could not free it. I need to have a go at it.