Monday, May 6, 2013


I am still not done with my One Little Word project for April, but I did complete May's

The prompt was to "listen" and write down phrases that come to you or inspire you. I sort of followed the template Ali used. She painted her cardstock and I tried that and did not like how mine were turning out. I found some scrapbook paper I liked as a background, but then changed my mind, but on the back were these really cool "cards" with inspirational sayings so I used those on a plain white background and added some of the designs from the paper. I also punched out a couple flowers.

Ali used vellum on her layout. I had bought a couple sheets of vellum to use. I neded up using them on the back where I made a template about this month's intention which was Nurture Friendships

You may have noticed that my OLW, Nurture, was not featured on this month's layout. That was kind of the point. But I think my phrases do Nurture ME so it worked out great.

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