Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer Exercise Goals

I thought I would call these goals instead of a routine so I do not feel obligated to follow it exactly, but I did want to have a tentative plan to follow. I also wanted a lot of variety so I do not get bored.

Monday -- short hike at one of the following: Atomic Cannon, Bluffs Park, Helland Park or Milford Lake

Tuesday -- hilly paved run/walk at one of the following: South Park, trail on Main Post, trail on Custer Hill on post

Wednesday -- swimming (increasing # of laps every week)

Thursday -- Neighborhood run

Friday -- Riverwalk mile run and mile walk (decreasing time each week) or long hike on Riverwalk, Konza Prairie or milford Lake trail. This ranges from 2.5 miles to 10 miles. I want to do a long hike at least once a month, increasing the length each month.

Saturday -- recreational. Bowling, biking, frisbee golf, etc.

Of course, all of this depends on the weather as well. If it is bad or too hot, I go to the gym!! and I have plan for that!!

Monday -- 1 hour treadmill

Tuesday -- 1/2 hour elliptical

Wednesday -- 45 minutes bike

Thursday -- 1/2 hour elliptical

Friday -- 1 hour treadmill

I have some one time goals, too! Junction City 4th of July 5k and while in California a hike at one of the following... Griffith Park, Runyon Canyon, Whittier Hills (Turnbull Canyon or Friendly Hills) or Craig Park(if I can't do one of the others this is where my family reunion is).

Rewards? A spa pedicure if I do the 5k and when I complete the 10 mile Riverwalk. A regular pedicure when I do the 4 mile Konza trail, 6 mile Konza trail and 8 mile Milford Lake trail. I may have to invest in a new pair of shoes as well.

Do you have any plans for exercising this summer?

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