Sunday, June 30, 2013

4th of July Invites

I decided I wanted to have a party for 4th of July this summer. Just a relaxing barbecue in the late afternoon. I am running a 5k in the morning and TJ will be riding his motorcycle in the parade (I have not decided if I am going to join him or not) so I wanted plenty of time in between to rest and set up. This also gives people time to visit Sundown Salute if they want. And of they want to see the bands and fireworks that evening they have plenty of time. Or, they can hang out with us and watch the fireworks we will be purchasing that day (it's cheaper as they are 1/2 price!). I sent out Facebook invites, but also wanted a nice handmade invite to send out. Here are the first 4. I blocked out my address.

My favorite so far

I need to trim them down some more to fit in the envelopes I have.

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Kim said...

Cute! Um, check the bottom photo...