Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bass Pro Shops National Headquarters

We received $75 in gift cards for Bass Pro Shops from attending the time share presentation at Big Cedar (did I mention that they are owned by Bass Pro Shops?). I wanted to use it ASAP as we do not live near any and there was something I really wanted.

Driving back near Springfield we saw a sign for a store. What it failed to tell us was just how far from the highway it actually was!!! Lol

We got another surprise when he actually found it. It was HUGE!!! Bigger than your average BPH and they are all pretty big (except the one at Branson Landing). That was because it is the Bass Pro Shops National Headquarters

This is where it all started. I sat with my new boyfriend for awhile

The inside is pretty cool

It took us about 5 minutes to realize and determine these were not real

But this was

More store stuff

I did not know Tony Stewart was sponsored by Bass Bro

I found a a pair of river shoes on sale, then we found some for TJ. Here I am posing with the box

I loved all the aquariums in the store

These turtles were very real and cute

And there were ducks!!

Goodbye giant Bass Pro shop

Oh, I found what I wanted which was a folding chair with attached table :)

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