Sunday, June 23, 2013

Endless Summer Night

It is not even the end of June and already my summer has been amazing!!!! Branson vacation, summer league baseball, etc.... Last night, though, it became downright epic.

Because of him....

Richard Marx. I have been a fan of his for 21 years. The very first cassette tape I ever bought was his first album because I liked his music (I wasn't really a fan, yet) in junior high. In high school I heard the song Hazard on the radio and fell in love (with the song). That made me a true fan of his and I have loved him ever since. In college my friend, Lindsey, took me to my very first rock concert and it was Richard Marx.

I have been following Richard Marx on Facebook and a month or so ago he posted that he would be doing a free concert in Andover, Kansas. I was not sure where that was but quickly discovered it was just East of Wichita. Only 2 hours away!!! And it was free!!! Soon after I drove down to get my free tickets and then, last night, magic happened!

We got there early and this is a view of the stage from our seats

That is so close!!! Probably about 50 feet away. I was so excited!!

The radio station sponsoring the event was Bob FM. They are an awesome station that plays a great variety of music. I wish we got them here in JC

The reason for the free concert was for andover to see the interest a concert in the park would generate so they can build an outdoor ampitheatre. I hope they do, because it is a beautiful park and there were LOTS of people there.

That gap there was never filled in so we had a great view. And, although this is probably unlikely, I swear Richard Marx looked at me a couple times!!! It's possible because of the gap :)

He opened with Take this Heart

Singing Endless Summer Nights

My most favorite song of his is still Hazard. He intro'd this by saying "how about a song about a girl from Nebraska who get's murdered?!!?" Because that is what the song is about

He also told the story that after he wrote it he thought it was the stupidest song ever, but wanted to get it down just for whatever so he recorded it in his home on his Panasonic cassette recorder and his wife came in and asked about it and told him it was a hit song. He wanted to prove her wrong so he included it on his album. It ended up being one of his biggest hits!!

And that is why I love his wife, too. By the way, his wife is actress Cynthia Rhodes. She played Penny in one of the most enduring film classics of the 80s. Do you what it is? Hint: It's my favorite movie :)

Okay, back to the concert.

Proof that I really was there

Adding to the magic of the evening was the Super Moon

Richard sang all of his hits. He had amazing energy and interacted with the audience wonderfully. He was very funny, as well. The friends that went with me agreed that it was a great concert and that he was absolutely awesome. If you ever get a chance to see him in concert, I highly recommend it. I had the best time and it was truly the best concert I have ever been to.

I will leave you with this picture of him singing Should've Known Better (he closed with Right Here Waiting, of course)

And although there is so much more awesomeness and magic to come this summer (5K, train trip, family reunion, another concert), I think this may very well be the highlight :)

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E. Smith said...

I love Richard Marx as well! How awesome that you got to see him in concert!

Is the movie his wife was in Dirty Dancing?