Thursday, June 13, 2013

Guess What I Found in The Backyard???

So, on Wednesday evening I was out in the backyard with my husband (who was putting up a mesh hanging screen in our doorway) and my cat (who was bunny watching). I decided to let him chase a bunny while on a leash. On the second chase we ended up by the back fence and I noticed an interesting bush growing there. Mostly we have junipers, but there are some other things mixed in. This one looked like it might have buds on it, but on closer inspection the buds were just new leaves.

It was then that I noticed something very important about these leaves. Do you see it?

They are grouped in three's!!!!! As in "Leaves of Three, Leave Them Be!!!"

That's right. I believe this is poison oak.

Should I try to remove it myself or hire someone? Or leave it to deter intruders???? LOL


Kim said...

I'd try Googling it to see if you can do it yourself. Otherwise, get TJ to do it. ;)

Fuzzy Tales said...

Ditto Kim.

-the other Kim :-)