Thursday, June 20, 2013

Luxury and The Dixie Stampede

After we left Branson Landing TJ and I checked into the 2nd hotel of our trip. This was the one included in our Time Share presentation package. We wanted to spend the 2 other days here, too, but they were booked up :( It was quite a difference from the motel!

They even had a massaging bar of soap!! LOL

We had reservations for dinner at Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede, which also features a show. I decided to get dressed up

They do not allow pictures inside so I could only get some outside

I took a picture of this girl

Then she took a picture of us!!

Inside they had a display of dresses and a good size gift shop. We got non alcoholic drinks in souvenir boot cups. We watched a pre-show, with a very talented and amazing teenage juggler. Then it was time for the show. They have a competition between the North (the side we sat on) and the South in different categories. they also have some musical numbers. It was pretty fun, even though our side lost :( You also do not get any utensils with dinner. Except I got plastic ones because I got a vegan meal, which was steamed veggies and an unseasoned potato and a great tomato salsa sauce.

I ended the evening with an elliptical workout at the hotel :)


Kim said...

The Dixie Stampede sounds like a lot of fun to go to!

Fuzzy Tales said...

That looked like a great time!

Just as an aside: TJ must hate having his pic taken, because we've never once seen him smile in all the pics you've posted. LOL.