Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My 39th State Visited -- Arkansas!!!

After the Veteran's Museum, TJ and I headed down to Arkansas to visit a Harley Shop. My GPS sent us on the backroads of Missouri

Then I entered my 39th State!!!

And it was beautiful

The town we visited was Eureka Springs and it was so cute!! next time I want to spend more time exploring.

Our purpose for going was to visit Denney's Harley

Then we had lunch at a place they are affiliated with I the same shopping center (I do not remember the name)

I went in this cute little store. It is hard to see on the sign, but it says "home of the working bunnies". A bunny gave me my change and my receipt!!!!

Then we went to the candy store and met Martin, who was the cashier that day. His candy is awesome!!

Then it was time to head back to Branson. We took a different route to see more of beautiful Arkansas

That last one may be Missouri.

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