Saturday, June 15, 2013

Offically A Runner

Today I woke up about 6am and was not going back to sleep easily. I decided that I would take advantage of that and go out to the Riverwalk to run.

I ran a 14 minute mile. Then I decided I could go a mile and a half, at that point I turned around and decided to try to go back to the mile marker for 2 miles, then I passed that and decided to try going a little bit further. Then I decided I would just try to finish the rest of that mile and I did!!!! I ran 3 miles straight in 45 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 miles!!!!!!!!! I have not even done more than 1 mile at a time since high school (I did a mile and a quarter once).

My new goal for the 5k is to run the whole thing. Since I know I can do it.

I think this officially makes me a runner!!

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