Tuesday, June 11, 2013

On A Mission .......

Saturday was a very busy day. I drove all over Kansas on a mission!

First I had stamping club in the morning in Topeka. It was my last one as I will not be participating in the next cycle. I pretty much got everything I wanted. The rest I will get when it is my friend, Bobbi's turn to host :) After stamp club I went to Scrapbook's Etc. Then I got on the Kansas Turnpike and headed 2 hours Southwest to Wichita!! It was my first time driving that portion of the turnpike. It is a beautiful, but boring drive lol. Nothing but farms. You go through only a couple small towns. There are 3 service stations. I stopped at 2.

Then I got to Wichita and my first stop was Bob FM. My mission was to procure some free concert tickets. Unfortunately, the building the studio is in is not open on Saturday. No problem!! I had a list of about 20 businesses in Andover, KS that had the free tickets. I chose one(walgreens) and headed over there.

First I passed this street...

It was like being in my hometown of Whittier!! (Greenleaf is the main street)

My GPS had problems with the address I put in for Walgreens. There was none where the address was supposedly so I drove up the street where I found Anderson Square. I knew several stores from there were on my list. I chose a small consignment store with the telltale poster...

And I secured 4 FREE tickets!!

That's right.... a FREE concert to see my most favorite singer ever, RICHARD MARX!!!!!! The very first cassette tape I ever bought was his debut album because I liked his music back in junior high, but when I was 16 I became a true and devoted fan after hearing the song, Hazard. I have loved him ever since. 21 years. 19 years ago I saw him in concert at the Greek Theatre in LA. That was also my very first concert ever :) I am so excited about this I can't even tell you!!

Mission Accomplished!

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