Friday, June 14, 2013

Serendipity at Shorty Smalls

In the evening TJ and I decided to drive down to the east end of the strip to see if the Veteran's museum was still open. It wasn't so then we decided to find some place to eat. On the way I had been reading the names of all the restaurants. I had also been naming shows and TJ would say things like "never head of them" or "I don't know who that is".

He decided he wanted to eat at Shorty Smalls, which is next to the Moon River Theatre

We sat in that window!

TJ found this amusing

The food here was good and they had fun menus to read. The front told the story of "Shorty Smalls". It was all made up lol.

So, towards the end of our meal we started to hear some singing. I thought it was someone's birthday and the waiters were singing, but they were singing "Save the Last Dance" and sounded really good! they were also making their way through the restaurant as they sing and stopped in the area we were sitting in.

It was The Cat's Pajamas!! Advertising their show that night at the Moon River Theatre. I told TJ now he knew who they were. And I really wanted to go see the because I liked how they were singing and that they had come into the restaurant. I just had this feeling that their show would be amazing and special.

One of the members, Cole, took a picture with me :)

After dinner we went and bought tickets and then walked across the street to ride Go Karts.

I made TJ ride with me and drive. We went on the one pictures which was The Big Woody. It was really fun.

Afterwards we went over to Krispy Kreme because their HOT NOW sign was on. Did you know they give you a free donut just for coming in???? TJ bought a few more :)

After that it was back to Moon River for the show!

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