Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Cleaning and Gardening

With the extra time I need to really start whipping stuff around here into shape!! This is the plan.

For June only my afternoons will be free so I plan to work on just one room a day and just do general decluttering and dusting or wiping down. The room order will go....

1. Master Bathroom (good wipe down, toilet clean, shower clean, floor)
2. My closet, coat closet and linen closet (general organization)
3. Master bedroom (picking stuff up, dusting, vacuuming)
4. Livingroom (same as bedroom)
5. Diningroom (same plus counter divider decluttering and wipe down)
6. Kitchen (good wipe down, sink cleaning, refrigerator clean out and floor)
7. Pantry/laundryroom ( straighten up, go through a basket)
8. Guest bedroom (unpack box, straighten up, dust, vacuum)
9. Guest bathroom (same as master bathroom)
10. Craftroom (declutter, dust, vacuum)
11. Garage (unpack 3 boxes, break down boxes, clean out car)
12. Outside (sweep)

At the end of this cycle I will schedule a carpet cleaning of the living and diningrooms. After the next I will do the bedrooms.

July will be a little different as I will have whole days. I will probaby only get through the cycle once.

1. Master bathroom -- besides general cleaning, go through cabinets and drawers and organize, wash windows
2. Closets -- go through everything and clean out
3. Master Bedroom -- go through TJ's stuff with him, go through my drawers, take comforter to laundromat, wash windows and general cleaning
4. Livingroom -- general cleaning, organize files again, wash windows, reevaluate shot glass situation
5. Diningroom -- general cleaning, window washing, go through linen drawers
6. Kitchen -- general cleaning, go through all cabinets, line drawers and cabinets, clean above cabinets, clean out refrigerator and freezer and clean, clean microwave and oven.
7. Pantry/laundryroom -- general cleaning
8. Guest bedroom -- general cleaning window washing, go through closet
9. Guest bathroom -- PAINT
10. Craftroom -- PAINT
11. Garage -- finish unpacking boxes
12. Outside -- wash windows

When this cycle is done I will buy myself a food processor and a dehydrator.

Okay, gardening. This is the order I want to get to things...

1. Plant vegetable seeds
2. Finish weeding the flower bed
3. Plant flower seeds
4. One Pinterest item a day
5. Trim bushes
6. Clean debris in bushes
7. Add grass seed where needed

When all is complete with garden I will buy myself a composter :)


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