Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Cleaning and Home Tour

Since I only worked part time for 3 weeks and have about 2 months from work off, I decided to take advantage of the extra time by doing some major cleaning, organizing, purging and decorating of my house! I started with just a general cleaning and light organization for the first 3 weeks (when I was working mornings) and now I am starting the deep cleaning, purging, organization and decorating phase. I will be going room by room and I will share it here on the blog! When I complete a room I will list what I did to clean, organize, purge and decorated and will include a picture (or pictures) of the room. This is my big summer project :)

Are you doing any summer cleaning or big projects?

1 comment:

Fuzzy Tales said...

I have spare keys, a guest room, two cats to give you purrs...feel free to do some work in my place, once you're done with yours! :-D