Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Cleaning Home Tour #2: My Closet

Monday is the day I am usually very motivated and productive so not only did I get the Master Bathroom cleaned, but also my closet! Which really wasn't that hard because I have pretty much kept up with it and got rid of some stuff during Phase 1.

1. Dusted
2. Cleaned off the light cover (outside only)

1. The shelves
2. My shoes
3. My winter hanging shelf

1. Books and shoes and 1 shirt going to Goodwill. And a video camera!
2. Papers from my church bag and 1 pair of shoes thrown away
3. Pens from my church bag relocated to the craft room and 2 Mexican blouses moved to the spareroom closet

Nothing decorated


I like having everything organize and in it's place when I walk in here lol.

The master bedroom will be next.

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E. Smith said...

This made me miss having a walk in closet!