Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Cleaning Home Tour #3 -- Master Bedroom

I knew this one would be tough because I had to go through my husband's things with him, as well. Usually I just clean all my stuff and leave his side a mess lol.

1. Dusted furniture and wiped down with Shaklee spray
2. Cleaned windows
3. Dusted ceiling fan and wiped down light fixture
4. Washed the bed sheet and pillowcases

1. My dresser drawers and medicine cabinet
2. My jewelry box
3. My nightstand and drawer
4. My headboard storage
5. TJ's closet, dresser and his side of the room!

1. Clothes that TJ does not ear anymore or were too small!!! Filled a box and 2 bags!
2. A few pieces of clothing I did not want
3. A few pieces of jewelry and earrings without matches
4. A couple bookmarks
5. Moved safe and document bucket to the closet

1. Hung 2 pictures.


Next up: Livingroom and coat closet

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