Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer School Batting Experiment

I just completed the first week of summer school. I am loving it. I work with an awesome teacher and it is a class of ALL boys!! 4th and 5th graders and they are awesome as well. The theme of our class is baseball.

On Thursday morning we walked a mile to the stadium in town to conduct an experiment. We wanted to know which hits further... an aluminum or wooden bat.

A couple of the players and an assistant coach and another staff member from the Junction City brigade joined us to help us out and answer questions about the team and baseball. They cleared the covering from home plate for us

Then we conducted our experiment. Each kiddo got to bat twice with each kind of bat and we measured how far the ball went. I wrote down all of the data

On Friday we took the averages of the measurements and our finding was that aluminum bats hit the ball further. We then learned this is because it is hollow inside.

Wooden bats can be solid wood (usually ash) or filled with cork and resin.

I am learning a lot from this class!!

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