Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sunday Explorations

We wanted to go to church on Sunday and I found a ward that started at 10am. It was a little ways out of town, but that was okay. We got there just before Sacrament Meeting and walked in and would you believe we saw a family from our ward back in Junction City?!?! They were on vacation, too.

After church we went to downtown Branson because I was on a mission.

The mission was to find this park. In my hometown of Whittier, CA there was a Parnell park and it was my 2nd favorite. This one is was quite a bit smaller.

Afterwards we stopped at Subway for lunch. While waiting in line TJ told me to look out the window at the trash cans. I saw a furry tail and said "Oh look at the baby!" thinking it was a cat, but it wasn't a cat!!

It was a raccoon!!!

After that we went back to the motel to eat and relax. Then we went down to the Titanic Museum

This place was awesome. Since it was a museum you could not take pictures inside. At the beginning they gave you a device to listen to an audio tour (I opted not to do this) and the name and info about a passenger on the Titanic. They had some artifacts, but mostly they had pictures and information about the ship and some recreations like an iceberg you could touch, the grand staircase, the decks at different slanting levels of sinking, a basin of water the temperature it was when the ship sank to see how long you could stand putting you hand in, etc. All of the people working there were dressed as crew members and in character. They also had 2 dogs that live at the museum!! It was a very awesome experience. My passenger lived, but she was an anti-semetic!!

This may seem like it was the highlight of the day, but the best was yet to come!

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