Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Cat's Pajamas

I convinced TJ that we should see The Cat's Pajamas at the Moon River Theatre in Branson.

So, after dinner at Shorty Smalls (where we saw them to come in to advertise their show) we went next door to buy our tickets.

They had seats up close!! We debated between front row and 3rd row and decided on the 3rd row so we would not have to look up at the stage. There were 2 older ladies at the window next to us trying to decide as well. The staff was saying that if you sit in front the Cats may sit in your lap or bring you on stage! One lady asked me if I thought they would really do that and I told her the staff seemed to think so! She and her sister decided on front row seats lol (keep this in mind!)

This is a picture of the group with previous members

These are the current members


This was easily one of the best shows I have ever seen. They were amazing and sang awesome songs. All without instruments!! I smiled during the whole thing!! Except when they asked all the veteran's to stand and thanked them. I got teary, then.

They also did sit on someone's lap in the front row, came out to the audience and sang to people AND brought someone up on stage. It was one of the ladies who were buying tickets next to us!!!

They also came out at intermission and after the show to greet people and sell CD's and shirts. I bought their CD's (they had a special)

They each signed every one of them, even though only one current member sings on these lol. It is founding member Brian Skinner, who does the base and other awesome sound effects

He's very tall, too!

This is Brian


My 2nd favorite, Liam (who is British and very funny and does a great Mick Jagger!!)

And of course I had met my favorite, Cole, at Shorty Smalls earlier

I plan to see these guys again when I visit Branson in the next year. Best show ever!!

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