Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Great Roly Poly Massacre of 2013

I do not have a picture because it is thoroughly disgusting, but my home is surrounded by a multitude of dead roly poly's!! Well, at least the back patio, some of the front walk and in front of the garage. It. Is. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

All Star Pest Control sprayed on Tuesday and boy did that stuff work!! No more roly poly's invading my home and they have all dropped dead outside.

Ding dong the disgusting creatures are`DEAD!!!!!!! Now we just have to sweep them all into the grass where they can decompose and disappear. I cannot tell you happy this all makes me or how relieved I am.

Die Roly Poly's Die!!!!

If you have a bug problem I highly recommend All Star.

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Fuzzy Tales said...

I had to Google them because I didn't know the nickname. They don't look "nice," no bug does really, but I don't think they'd bother me, except en masse. So I'm glad yours are gone!

I can't stand spiders, they freak me out. And ants creep me out, I hate them in the house. Have the big black ones, maybe carpenter ants (uh oh). I've put stuff outside along the foundation, along the side of the unit, but have to be careful inside or where the cats go. I've had a few inside this year, but last year was a huge problem.

Seems to go in cycles, various types of bug infestations.