Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Vet Report 2013 -- Dental Cleaning Take 2

Presented by Mama and Scout

Mama: Yesterday was Scout's yearly dental cleaning....at last!!

Scout: I hate going to the vet. I planned to break out the crazy again. Hissing, growling, pooping myself.

Mama: We had a plan this time!

Scout: When we got up she shoved a pill in my mouth! I pretended to swallow it, but then spit it out!!

Mama: I found it and made him take it again!

Scout: It was yucky!! And it made me tired. But not too tired to go in my carrier or not cry in the car. I made my displeasure known. Even when we got to the vet!

Mama: He was his normal poophead self, but his cleaning went well.

Scout: they shaved my leg again!! And made me sleepier! And put a tube down my throat!

Mama: he required more than the normal gas anesthesia because he is so ornery

Scout: when I woke up I was in that stupid cage again. There was a kitten next to me and a little dog above me. I drank some water and tried some food, but it was the soft kind I do not like. So I just napped.

Mama: We anticipated problems when I picked him up so I was prepared to be there awhile coaxing him out. They had me come on back without even trying to get him out first. Sure enough, when they opened the cage he started growling and hissing at me.

Scout: I planned to hiss and growl for awhile and make Mommy wait. But they tricked me and threw a towel over me and dumped me in my carrier before I knew what happened!!

Mama: Two towels and it was awesome!! Much quicker and more painless than last time. Dr. Arneson was impressed, too.

Scout: I growled at Mommy all the way to the car.

Mama: he was quiet on the way home, though. It was so nice.

Scout: I was tired

Mama: When we got home he ate. A LOT. And he walked around aimlessly

Scout: She gave me my good food!! And Mommy kept trying to take pictures of me looking goofy, but I was not that out of it

Mama: he finally settled on the loveseat, even though he was not supposed to be climbing or jumping on furniture. Then he cleaned himself and went to sleep

Scout: I smelled like vet!! And I was tired. I had a long ordeal.

Mama: I am glad we finally got his teeth cleaned.

Scout: It won't happen again!

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Fuzzy Tales said...

Scout, that WAS an ordeal! Yikes! We're certainly glad it's all over and done with now, and hope it'll be some years before you need that done again.