Friday, June 21, 2013

Thoroughly Disgusted

When we moved into our house last September I knew we would probably have to deal with challenges a new homeowners. And we have. Our built-in microwave door broke necessitating buying a whole new one. We found out we cannot have a chain link fence and there are rules in our neighborhood. The next door neighbor was running a very noisy woodcutting business out of his garage during the winter.

The one thing I did not ever think we would have to deal with in a million years was a roly poly infestation! Before this year I had barely even seen any in Kansas!

I have never liked roly poly's. I think they are the most disgusting bug on the planet. They used to get in our house growing up and then we would find roly poly graveyards (I feel like throwing up just writing that). I swear, one or 2 would find a spot and die and then the others must have found them, lied down in mourning for them and then dies themselves! It was gross. They were also outside and I liked to step on them or run them over with my skateboard. When we had a strawberry patch they would eat the strawberries. They are disgusting little creatures.

At the end of the school year we took a nature walk and the kids were picking up the vile little creatures and carrying them!! One little girl and I were stepping on them! A little boy stomped 85 of them! I did not realize that anything was out of the ordinary and that rolypoly's were common this time of the year.

Then I found them in front of my bathroom window where I was planting my roses. Then they started coming into my bathroom!! Everyday I find one creeping around. The flattened carcasses of their friends and relatives do not deter them! I found a huge gross colony of them in my flower bed when digging up weeds.

I decided I had had ENOUGH. I cannot deal with this. Apparently this is not normal and we are experiencing an infestation of them this year in Kansas. Of all the bugs out there it had to be roly poly's. YUCK!!!

Luckily, salvation came today in the form of All Star Pest Control. They were canvassing the neighborhood offering a half price discount for initial pest services with a one year bi monthly contract. At first I was going to turn them away, but when I asked about rolypoly's they said their formula would kill them. Their formula also does not harm pets and kids and does not have an odor. The half price discount and subsequent military discount on the bi-monthly visits were attractive, too! Plus, my cat did not hide when the guy came and he sat behind me while I was talking to him at the door. That is very rare when my cat does not know someone (and they have rang the doorbell!) so I figured the guy and his company was OK lol.

They are going to come next Tuesday to spray around my house and flower bed and hopefully the rolypoly's will all DIE and be gone!!!! Because really, I cannot take it anymore!

Do you have a roly poly infestation where you live?

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~JarieLyn~ said...

Roly Poly's don't bother me but maybe they would If I saw that many at once. I like you new header photo, by the way.