Friday, June 21, 2013

TummyAche Tuesday

I do not have any pictures from our Tuesday in Branson because my stomach was hurting so bad and I was not in the mood to take any. I can tell you what we did, though.

In the morning we went to the timeshare presentation at Big Cedar Resort. It is located 10 miles outside of Branson and is HUGE. It is owned by Bass Pro Shops. They have the hotel/cabins/resort side and the timeshare side. The timeshare owners can use all of the amenities, but they also have some things to themselves like a pool and lazy river. When you buy the timeshare you get so many points a year depending on the package you buy. You use those to stay at Big Cedar OR you can use them at any participating hotels through a program called RCI all over the world. it is a very awesome program, but we were not ready to commit to anything and not sure we could really afford it. However, we were able to get a one year charter membership. We can't go June-August or on holidays, which is okay. We are going to see if we like it and then see if we want to become owners and if it will work within our budget.

There are a few options of residences you can stay in. Most likely we would stay in the studio, which comes with a kitchen fully stocked (except for food lol). They also have a one bedroom with a pullout sofa and Jacuzzi tub and then 2 and 3 bedroom options. All have kitchens!

The grounds were just beautiful and they have all kinds of activities and amenities like a spa, gym, pools, restaurants, etc. It reminds me of Kellerman's in Dirty Dancing!!

After we left Big Cedar we went back to the hotel so I could rest. I was so glad we had such an awesome comy room and bed.

After a nap I felt a little better so we went to a sushi restaurant for dinner. Then to the dollar jewelry place where I got a few things. Then we drove around a little bit.

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