Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wanderings in Wichita

After getting my FREE RICHARD MARX TICKETS I went into Wichita to have some vegan food. Wichita is a pretty cool town.

But not when they are having Riverfest and blocking the roads I need LOL. Then the vegetarian restaurant I wanted to try was not open on Saturdays (what?). And it was really hard to find!!! So instead I headed to a vegetarian friendly restaurant

It was in a cute little area and although it was close to Riverfest I managed to find a pretty good parking spot. LOL They do serve dishes with meat, but they also have vegan offerings on the menu. I chose the Mr. Fresh crepe which was filled with veggies and quinoa taboulleh which were both yummy, plus a spa water (it had lemon, mint and cucumber). The waiter was very nice as well.

I had planned to go to Whole Foods next, but I wanted to clarify that Whole Foods Association was the same as the big Whole Foods chain. Well guess what??? It's not!! The waiter helped clarify that. he said it was a good store, though and also recommended Food For Thought. I ended up going there to get a few things

Then it was time to go home. But not before seeing my second car fire of the day (seriously, I had seen one on the turnpike earlier).

I beat the storms home

And discovered that my rosebush and geraniums have blooms and buds!! (Good name for a florist shop!)

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