Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July.... It. Was. EPIC!!!!!! Part 1 -- 5k

Continuing my epic summer......

I have had some pretty awesome 4th of July's in the past. Laguna Beach Fireworks, spending the day there with my best friend, Capitol Fourth Concert in Washington DC, REO Speedwagon and other awesome bands at Sundown Salute, but yesterday's 4th of July was, without a doubt, the very best ever!!!!

I started the day off very early by getting up about 5am and heading to my first 5k race.

Since my husband could not be there, my dear friend, Diane, came early to support me and take pictures.

I am ready!!

My shirt says "I can make it, I know I can" which is a quote from my motivation song, "Man In Motion" by John Parr from St. Elmo's Fire.

Race is starting!

Okay, so here is the thing. I run pretty slow. I can go the distance, but at a very slow pace lol. So, while I was not the very last person in, I was toward the back the whole time lol. However, I did run the whole thing, which was my goal, and improved my time!

The last stretch -- 5th street. It was at the turn when I switched on my motivation song. Let me tell you, it was awesome to listen to it as I did that last stretch. I felt such a high!


I did it in 42:15!! I usually do 45 minutes so that was awesome!!

About an our later I was still feeling energized and all so I decided to do the one mile "fun" run. I am nuts

After that I was super sore and tired lol. I stayed for the awards ceremony, then went home.

Now, this may be a bit conceited, but I was so proud of running in my first 5k that I framed my number.

Here are some pictures of my shirt and number

My next race will be a 2 miler in a couple weeks, then I am going to do another 5k in August.

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Fuzzy Tales said...

Robyn, this is fantastic! Congratulations! I'm thrilled beyond words for you, and you deserve to feel so proud of yourself!