Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July.... It. Was. EPIC!!!!!! Part 3 -- The Fireworks!!!!

Let me give you a little background on my experience with fireworks....

The earliest I can remember seeing fireworks was when I was probably 3 and we were at my cousin's house. I remember being afraid of them. The next few years we did them at our house and I loved them. We lived in an unincorporated part of the city and technically were not supposed to do them, but since the city allowed them we went ahead and did them. We bought the safe and sane ones from local stands. The people down the street from us went to Mexico and got the very illegal sky rockets lol. When the city of Whittier outlawed fireworks we stopped doing them, but would watch all the neighbors who continued to do so. Until they started getting really stupid and careless. Then we worried every 4th of July. I started going to local shows to avoid the anxiety and prayed that my house would still be standing when I got home. Since then I had been going to shows to enjoy fireworks.

Last year we went to our friends' house for the 4th. We asked if we could do fireworks and for the first time since I was a kid I bought fireworks from a stand!! And for the first time ever I even lit a couple!! It was fun.

This year I wanted to do them again. We bought a few from our friends' church stand about a week prior and then on the 4th we bought a bunch 1/2 price down the road

Then we bought a few more from the church stand. This is what we ended up with

We even bought sky rockets!! Although they are not called that anymore. And they are perfectly legal. It boggles my mind. If my mom knew we were doing those she would turn over in her grave! Well, I guess she does know and probably watched from heaven!!

One of our friends asked if he could bring some shells to shoot in the sky and we agreed!

Another friend asked if he could bring his and we were more than happy to have more!

This is what we ended up with!!!

It was crazy!!! I think we had enough to rival the local fireworks show lol. It looked like we were selling them

My friend, Bethany took these...

We had so much fun doing these! I did not light any (except 2 sparklers) because we had plenty of eager participants. A few of us just set up chairs on the sidewalk and enjoyed the show.

We could see lots of others going off nearby, including the people a few houses down. After we shot up several sky rockets at a time they yelled "AMERICA!" This became the theme of the night and whenever they did a bunch at once or we did we would take turns shouting AMERICA!!!!!! It was funny.

We had a really good time doing the fireworks and even had a few leftover. We went almost nonstop for 2 hours!

I will leave you with one more from Bethany

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