Sunday, July 14, 2013

Another Update from California

I probably won't start recapping the trip in depth until I get home later this week. I wish the train had wifi, but the Southwest Chief does not (other ones do). And I am not a phone blogger lol.

So, anyway, yesterday was full and fun. I went hiking in Runyon Canyon with a Facebook friend I knew from elementary school all the way through college!!! She had her dog, plus 2 she was dogsitting. Runyon is dog friendly and I just loved seeing all of them on the trails. We went down the easy hike, then up the medium.

After that I headed to Santa Monica for a vegan lunch, then the beach. It was supercrowded, but I spent two hours there and then walked the pier. I body surfed for the first time. I drove back to Bonnie's on Topanga Canyon Rd which I LOVE. That evening we went to Pasadena for more vegan food and walking around.

Today(make that yesterday lol) was awesome. I started out at Whole Foods then the best Jamba Juice. Then I visited my parents' grave (which was very emotional) and then went to my family picnic. So awesome. After was a boy band concert that was AMAZING. Not Richard Marx amazing, but amazing in its own way.

I am up way too late now which means I probably won't go to church. Bonnie's sister is going to join us tomorrow for a yet to be decided adventure. And for Monday I have a few ideas up my sleeve before my train leaves.

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