Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I Love LA

We were only about an hour late getting into LA. My first glimpse was when we left Fullerton

Then we got to the station. Which is huge!!

After using the bathroom I went to information to figure out where the rental car place is. To my dismay I learned that Enterprise was not at the station, but about a mile away and I would need to take a bus to get there. I could've walked, but I had a suitcase, a travel bag and a cooler. So I took the Dash bus which was only 50 cents and I got to see some of downtown LA :) When I got to the Enterprise office (in a parking garage) I learned I could have called them for a ride -- D'oh!

I got my rental car and then went in search of a freeway. I got my California driving legs back quickly and was even zipping into other lanes quickly like a pro! In downtown LA!!! I found the 101 Freeway and then took that to the 60 and then that to the 605 to Beverly Blvd and took that into Whittier where I took Greenleaf.

Then Painter

I spent a few hours with my cousin. She made us lunch and we watched soap operas and I took a nap. I also took a much needed shower. I was also feeling like I was still on the train (the movement of it), but the nap took care of that! Then we went to Target and passed my old house. The garage was open and looked very nice and clean!! Then we had a snack and I headed up to Bonnie's in the Valley. I ran into traffic on the 101 in downtown (typical) because of the Dodger game. After getting to Bonnie's and settled in, we went to our favorite sushi restaurant and then Whole Foods.

I do love being in LA!!!

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