Wednesday, July 17, 2013

ManCat Midweek With Wronged Scout

Hi Friends. I have to tell you, I am one unhappy kitty this week!! Do you remember last week when I told you Mommy was going on a short trip for like a day or so?? Well, it was a whole month!!!!!!! I think. It seemed like it. And while being bachelors with Daddy is fun for awhile, I really miss my Mommy when she is gone.

But that is not all. I was WRONGED friends, WRONGED!!!!! Because guess what she did on vacation? Played with dogs! And not just any dogs -- FAMOUS DOGS!!! Dogs I see on Facebook and blogs that I want to meet!!! She got to walk with this one dog, Riggins, who is super cool and she played with Biscuit, who looks so nice. It was so not fair.

I tried to play it cool when she came home today. I just laid on my bed (not under the quilt, but on it against a pillow) and let her come to me. Then I got up and she picked me up and I gave her kisses. She wanted me to nap with her, but I made her wait. But finally I lied on her legs and we had a good nap.

I am never letting her go anywhere again


Fuzzy Tales said...

We're glad your mom's back now, Scout, but we think she had WAY TOO MUCH fun without you!

Kim said...

Biscuit here accessing my mom's profile. Sorry you didn't come with your mom, Scout! Maybe next time we can play!