Monday, July 8, 2013

Mancat Monday With Pooped Scout

Hello Friends. I hope you had a good holiday weekend. Mine was okay. there were a lot of loud noises and people in my house.

I had to help Mommy set up for a party on the 4th and it wore me out!!

When people came they rang the doorbell and that made me hide in the laundryroom!! That made me tired, too, so I had to go to my favorite place and everyone thought it was funny.

I pretty much stayed in there the whole time. Then, when everyone went outside, I mostly stayed behind the washing machine because the fireworks were sooooo loud. I don't mind watching a few from the window, but they were everywhere!! I did not like it. I came out, though, whenever someone came in the house so I could get attention.

Check out my foot

I've kinda been doing my own thing lately and it makes Mommy sad when I do not want to snuggle so I climbed up and snuggled on her lap yesterday

Then she put out scrapbooking stuff and I just had to help her

Scrapbooking is hard work

I hope everyone has a great week!! Mommy is going on a short trip (like a day I think) so Daddy and I are gonna be 2 bachelors partying it up!!

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Fuzzy Tales said...

You've been pretty busy, Scout!

Maybe it's just too hot now to snuggle. We don't snuggle as much with the human in the summer, but we don't have ac in the house, either.