Friday, July 19, 2013

New Exercise Routine

(This was supposed to post last night, but blogger was having issues)

I can't sleep, so I am blogging. Of course!

So, I only have about 3 weeks of summer vacation left so in that time I would like to establish a new exercise routine that focuses on variety. Previously my routine focused on getting ready for the 5k and then before my trip and during keeping my legs strong. I have another 5k in August and will focus on training for that about a week or so before, once school starts.

Anyway, this is my plan and the days are flexible. Basically these are the things I want to do over the course of a week:

For mornings I get my butt up early:

1. Hike. I want to do a new trail each time, increasing in distance. I want to become intimate with the Flint Hills :)

2. Run. Either the Riverwalk (increasing distance and/or decreasing time), my neighborhood, Southpark, or trails on post.

3. Bike ride (this would work in the evening, too). Mostly around the neighborhood, finding safe routes. And figuring out how to get it in my car so I can take it on the Riverwalk or maybe the trails on post. Oh, and the linear trail in Manhattan! I also need to read the manual and figure out the gears because I think I have had them wrong, lol.

For when it is too hot outside:

4. Swim. They have lap lanes on post. I am also going to see if the YMCA offers a pool pass independent of a full membership because that is too expensive. There is an indoor pool on post, but it is kind of far to drive. However, if it is only once a week that is fine.

5. Gym. I would like to focus on the elliptical there. Or take a spinning or zumba class.

Other recreational activities I want to try:

1. Raquetball: the gym has courts and equipment. Just need someone to go with me.

2. Disc golf: there is a course at Southpark and I have Frisbees!

3. Yoga: I am still a little self conscious about this so it will be a reward for losing more weight.

I really just want to stay in shape and lose more weight and do a variety of things. I also want to challenge myself. I want to continue running races and eventually do a triathalon. I figure with the variety there will be things I love more than others and will probably start doing those more, which is fine. The point is to not get bored and stay in shape!!

Update: Today I went swimming and was able to do 10 laps!! I think instead of hitting the gym for the next few weeks I will be swimming instead lol.

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