Thursday, July 25, 2013

Train Trip West Part 2 -- Good Morning Colorado!!

So, after I finally did get some sleep the first night on the train I woke up in beautiful Colorado!!

It looked like Kansas lol

I took some self portraits

And had pre-breakfast

It did not fill me up so I went to the dining car and had oatmeal and fruit and a biscuit and cranberry juice (I did not eat that yogurt)

We had a smoking/stretch your legs break in La Junta, CO, where there were also some vendors

I took the opportunity to take a picture of myself beside the train and one of the coach cars (or lounge car). Whatever it was it was not my window as I thought.

Some more scenery (I love the shot I got of the convertible)

More self shots

I took a short nap and woke up in the mountains. I was also able to get some cool shots of the train

The best part of the mountains, though? A TUNNEL!!!!!!!!

And on the other side? New Mexico!!!!! (next post)

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