Friday, July 26, 2013

Train Trip West Part 3 - Beautiful New Mexico

So, after the awesome tunnel you enter in Colorado, you come out in New Mexico!!

You know you are in New Mexico when you see the beautiful freeway overpasses.

Our first stop there was Raton and it was another smoke/stretch your legs break. It was quick because we were running late

There were also a bunch of Boy Scouts on the train that got off here and boarded a bus (I would learn on the return trip that they were going to the Philmont High Adventure Camp)

Afterwards I had lunch in the dining car and looked at the beautiful New Mexico scenery.

For lunch and dinner they seat you community style, which means they fill up the tables so if there are less than 4 people in your party you get seated with strangers lol. I actually loved this. It was one of the best things about taking the train. It is a very social way of travelling. Anyway, I had lunch with a guy and his daughter from Missouri who were headed to Santa Barbara :)

After lunch it was more scenery watching, magazine reading, brief stops in Las Vegas and Lamy, NM, and another nap (I think)

Then we got to beautiful Albuquerque!!! You know you are in Albuquerque when you see the horizontal stoplights lol. I love this town

We had about a 20 minute break here so I used the bathroom in the station and walked around a bit. I also got a seat mate again. He was a younger guy, very nice, travelling to San Bernadino.

Here is more scenery from New Mexico

I don't know what these were supposed to be, but it looked creepy.

I had dinner in the dining car and this time sat with a guy who had business in LA and was then going to his daughter's wedding in Oregon and a couple going to Scottsdale, AZ by way of Flagstaff. They were a fun bunch of people!

The last town and stop we went through in New Mexico was Gallup. I saw several signs along the highway for that McDonalds!!

A LOT of people got on in Gallup and they were young and quite annoying. Luckily for most of the time they were on they were NOT sitting by me.

Around this time I took 2 Ibruprofen PM's, put my socks and blanket on and went to sleep

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